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Restaurants and The Great Reopening

Restaurants and The Great Reopening

11th May 2021

Could it be true? Will Americans finally get the chance to visit favorite cafés and watering holes? Will we no longer be eating restaurant food out of paper bags with plastic forks, while packed with cohorts inside plastic bubbles?

Who else can’t wait to see The Special of the Day?

Keeping it clean with full color magnetic name badges.Will polite and uniformly dressed professional servers be asking if we would like to know the daily specials…the fresh catch or soup of the day? And, most incredibly, will those same professionals bring food to our tables, and keep watch over our needs while we dine? The experts and analysts at Market Watch tell us that this is true! And they predict that by July 4th of this year the U.S. will see a great restaurant reopening.

Hope and good news for restaurants is on the way!   

We’ve all been in this COVID-19 experience together and it hasn’t been easy, but no industry has been hit as hard as the restaurant industry.  Closures and mandates and employees simply not coming back due to high unemployment payments, and the never-ending rollercoaster this pandemic has created, has restaurant owners feeling a bit whip-lashed and reaching for hope and good news. It sounds like both are on their way. Read more about the restaurant crisis and how some companies are dealing with it, here

Now, what was my favorite server’s name?

What restaurant owners and managers need now are employees. They’re sure to get them, whether they rehire or need to train new. There are always good quality food service people to join teams, and we all will be happy to see them face to face. When it comes time to welcome us back, these new (or rehired) pros may need to introduce themselves or remind customers of their names.

Full color name badges in the Food Industry by Classic Identity.

Make new name tags part of the restaurant uniform.

The simplest way to take care of this is to make sure everyone on the team has an easy-to-read name tag as part of his or her uniform. Off hand, I can think of two regular restaurant employees I am itching to see (and whose employer’s food I’m dying to eat), but I can’t for the life of me remember their names. What if they remember mine? Hopefully, there will be no guess work, and they will be sporting name badges to help returning customers out with what could be an awkward situation.

Keep it clean with full color magnetic name badges.

The full-color name badges at Classic Identity are perfect for all food service workers, as they are durable and easy to keep clean with a washable surface. All name tags come equipped with magnetic fasteners to help ensure that clothing and uniforms are not damaged. Other fasteners are available, too, though!

Design name tags and order online in one easy step!

Restaurant owners, or any one of their helpful teammates, can easily design and order name badges using our easy online design tool. Simply add your logo and your names and titles (if you want) and place your order directly.

We can’t wait to see our Classic Identity name badges on lapels, pockets, shirts and aprons this summer! If you have questions about ordering or about our online name tag design tool, give us a shout out at Until then, we wish all readers and their families good health and great times ahead

For more information on the reopening and recovery of restaurants, visit the National Restaurant Association site and this helpful guide for restaurants looking to safely reopen. Here you will find a treasure trove on guidance, arranged state by state and with Covid-19 safety rules in mind. 

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