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Name Badges Help Patients Who Suffer from Treatment Anxiety

Name Badges Help Patients Who Suffer from Treatment Anxiety

23rd Jun 2021

There are many ways in which a medical staff can help ease the anxiety of their patients.

Waiting areas and examination rooms can be decorated and adorned with art that helps create feelings of comfort and peace. Calming books and magazines can be displayed and available for reading. There are certain colors that help to soothe troubled minds, like blue and green tones, while other colors can be chosen for medical offices that are known to boost activity levels, like vivid yellow, orange and red.

Patients need calm and comfort.

Although activity levels should be boosted during certain times of the day, or with young age groups, or under certain circumstances, patients who already suffer from treatment anxiety certainly don’t need that boost during a doctor’s or health clinic visit. What they need is calm and comfort.

Medical team name badges help create a safe atmosphere.

Another way to help build a calm and comfortable medical office atmosphere is to ensure the office team and the treatment team are wearing name badges that include first and last name and position. Knowing this bit of personal information makes it easier for a patient to communicate openly. Knowing the identity and position of the person offering treatment, by seeing it clearly visible on a name tag, makes it easier for a patient to feel secure and safe.

Name badges also help patient advocates build trust.

This is also true for people who are accompanying patients to medical offices and treatment centers, especially if they are acting as advocates for loved ones who cannot speak for themselves. Name badges worn by medical staff during patient advocacy helps to create familiarity and helps to build trust with hospital or treatment teams. Having a loved one ill, or undergoing medical treatment can be scary enough, without being familiar with the people whose care in which you are entrusting family members or friends who cannot make their own medical decisions.

Calming patients with a quick name tag glance.

Fullor Color Nurse's Name Badge in Green and WhiteName badges that include a medical staffer’s name, and the healthcare brand name or logosare best in calming patient and family worries and anxieties. With a quick glance, the person seeking medical treatment, or the advocate who is helping, can be safe in the knowledge that the healthcare employee is right where they are supposed to be as part of the medical team. Keeping in mind the effects of name badge color is important, too, and this article tells of the calming effect of green name badges as a good option for dementia patient caregivers.

Trust in a healthcare provider starts with familiarity.

Whether a healthcare employee is a primary care doctor, a nurse, a surgeon, or an office administrator, each plays an important role in the provision of medical treatment for you or your loved one. Building trust in those roles starts with first impressions and the comfort level felt in the medical setting.

Patients wear name identifiers – why not medical staff?

Consider a patient’s need to be identified constantly, through ID bracelets, scanning, chart reading, question asking. Shouldn’t medical staff also need to prove identity when offering treatment? This can be accomplished by requiring medical teams to always wear identifying name tags while on medical facility grounds, or during shifts.

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