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Branded Name Badges - Small Business Move with Big Impact

Branded Name Badges - Small Business Move with Big Impact

18th Mar 2021

Considering name badges for your team? We've put together a host of reasons why we believe you should! From instant recognition and introduction to becoming part of your team building and branding plans, we offer the benefits listed here to help you with your team identification plans.

Young businessman wearing engraved leatherette name badge.

Why implement a company name badge plan?
Branded name badges provide your customers with an instant introduction in a world where people may be a little cautious about approaching strangers, or a little timid about making the first introductory move. Name tags that include your company logo and position titles, offer a quick way to tell customers and other associates that an employee is part of a friendly, professional team and what position he or she holds. Name badges can ward off embarrassing moments.

How many times have you met someone at a business event or convention only to forget his or her name moments later and then become too embarrassed to ask them? Providing yourself and your staff with identifying name badges will save the team from such moments and will also make it easier to introduce new business acquaintances to others during the event. Some new relationships are pivotal to an event or meeting's success and having a method of easy, at-a-glance recognition is crucial to your team's relationship building.

Branded name badges can assist with team building.
Providing each staff member with their own, personalized and branded name badge can go a long way in making them feel part of a corporate family, as well as instill a sense of pride and belonging to a team. Using name tags as part of a uniform or making name badges mandatory as part of a daily work regimen, allows each team member a sense of pride in ownership. This is especially important with younger workers just entering the world of employment.

Name badges are an important part of overall branding.
When you are building a professional team, a part of that professionalism is outward appearance. And part of that appearance should be identifying options such as name badges that include your company brand, the staff member's name (either just first or both first and last name) and the title that he or she holds in your company. The more people who see this professionalism and see your branded logo, the more easily recognizable your brand becomes on the market.

The beauty of quick and easy name badge ordering.
At Classic Identity, we've removed the "middle-man" in designing and ordering name badges so that you can obtain your identity products in the swiftest method available. Our product design tool is installed on every name badge page and offers users the ability to add logos and names, choose colors, fonts, and fastener types that can all become part of a company's branding plan. Check out our ID Reserve plan if your company typically orders multiple name badges each year. To learn more, call us now at 877-565-1550 and talk to one of our friendly representatives today!

Use our online design tool to create and preview name badges.

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